MPs join walk againsgt corruption

PM Hon Manasseh Sogavare joined the walk this morning.

PM Hon Manasseh Sogavare lead the walk this morning.

SOLOMON Islands national leaders this morning joined national Anti-Corruption agencies and campaigners in the Walk Against Corruption from the Honiara City Council to the National Art Gallery.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Leader of Opposition Jeremiah Manele and Leader of Independent Dr Derek Sikua and other Members of Parliament took part in the walk to Gallery where a day-long program celebrating the International Anti-Corruption Day was organised.

The event was organised by the UNDP, Transparency Solomon Islands, CBSI and various Government agencies where the keynote address was delivered by the Prime Minister and the keynote speech by the Chairperson of TSI Ms Ruth Liloqula.

PMPrime Minister Sogavare used the occasion to outline the DCC Government’s up-coming anti-corruption legislations and agenda for 2016, including the Anti-Corruption Bill, the Integrity Whistle Blower Bill, the Ombudsman (Special Provisions Bill, the Leadership Code Commission (Further Provisions) Bill, the National and Provincial Election (Further Provisions) Bill, the Freedom of Information Bill, and Review of the Political Parties Integrity Act 2014.

The day’s events include the launching of the Anti-corruption song ‘Break the Chain’, Poetry and Essay prize giving, Question and Answer Forum hosted by PMO, Anti-Corruption Quiz and entertainment by cultural groups and bands.

Source: OPMC Press