Gov’t denounces mass Parl boycott

THE Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare has denounced the actions of some Opposition MPs and the Independent Group in their attempt to ensure Parliament did not have the required numbers to form a quorum to ensure Parliament would not meet.

During Thursday’s resumption of Parliament, many members of the Opposition, apart from the Leader of Opposition, and all the Independent Group, including their Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, initially tried in vain to ensure Parliament did not resume this morning by failing to attend Parliament.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet says the Government Caucus anticipates that some Opposition MPs and the entire so-called Independent Group would boycott Parliament this morning by ensuring there is no quorum.

Their strategy is to delay the Budget sitting days so that they can fish for more MPs to support their aim of taking over power from the DCC Government.

But their boycott attempts did nothing to stop Parliament from resuming this morning as the DCC Government MP’s turn out in full force for the Budget session.

“The Government came prepared for this by ensuring all Ministers and government back benchers turn up in Parliament so that there is a quorum this morning.”

“Clearly the Government side of the House understands the importance of Parliament as the People’s House by showing up and ready for the budget session.”

“Some Opposition MP’s and the entire so-called Independent Group sees Parliament meetings as an opportunity to play politics at the expense of every Solomon islanders even during Budget meetings.”

In other words, service-delivery as a result of Budget appropriation is not a top priority of some Opposition MPs and the Independent Group, under Dr Derek Sikua.

While condemning the actions of some Opposition MP’s and the Independent Group, the Prime Minister was delighted to see the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Jeremiah Manele, showing up in Parliament despite the actions of some of his MPs.

“The Government sees in Hon Manele a leader who knows when to put politics aside and advance the interests of this nation. That is the sort of leadership this nation expects from all leaders.”

“There is a time for everything but the business of Parliament must not be hijacked to satisfy the grand egos of the few at the expense of the people of this country”.

Only when Parliament had the required quorum, through the full turn out of the DCC Government MP’s, did some MPs from the Opposition and the Independent Group belatedly entered the Parliament Chambers.

Parliament resumes on Tuesday 8th December 2015.

Source: OPMC Press