Six (6) homes burnt, four cows slaughtered following death

THE death of a young father in East Malaita has led to a retaliation incident over the weekend resulting in six houses being burnt down and four cows slaughtered.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at Tasisi community of Kwaibaita.

A man from the area Enoch Idui yesterday told the paper the incident was triggered when an argument broke out between the deceased and the suspect who is now in police custody.

“The row happens after the deceased claim the suspect was stealing some of his chickens.

 “They got into a brawl which saw the alleged thief stabbed the deceased with a knife.”

Police in Auki responded to the incident and apprehended the suspect the same day.

In retaliation for the killing, the deceased’s tribesmen allegedly burnt down six houses including semi-permanent and permanent homes and slaughtered four cows which are believed to be owned by the suspect’s tribe.

Mr Idui claimed that the situation up there is now very tense.

“Both parties related to the deceased and the suspect are preparing possible payback,” Mr Idui claimed.

He added the dead body iis yet to be buried by his family until a compensation is paid.

“They demand a compensation from the opposing tribe before a decent burial takes place.”

Mr Idui said a total of $10,000 plus 30 shells of red money have been demanded.

Stephen Di’isango who comes from a village close to Tasisi told the Solomon Star last night, the death has brought shock to family members, relatives and the villagers.

He said, the deceased is a 19 year old father who runs a poultry business in the area.

“The incident happened at 2pm after this lad who is unable to speak (dumb) pierced a bush knife through his chest.”

Mr Di’isango said, the deceased was done with his church program that afternoon and went to check on his poultry farm when he met his death.

All along he had suspected someone was stealing from his farm because some of his fowls kept missing.

On that Sunday the deceased approached his poultry farmhouse when he saw the suspect already seized a chicken in his hand.

“He tried to call him and explain what he was doing is not right. Instead the suspect approached the owner and attacked him by stabbing him with a knife.

“He died instantly on the spot due to loss of blood.”

The deceased left behind his wife with a three weeks old new born baby, said Mr Di’isango.

Auki Police are now investigating the incident.

Source: Solomon Star