NCHS to host historic prize giving day

NAMOIA Community High School (NCHS) in East Kwara’ae, Malaita Province will have its historic prize giving ceremony on Thursday.

The event will embraced both primary and secondary division.

This would be a history for the school as it will be giving certificates to its first ever only three (3) female form five students for this year.

And also the ceremony will bring in together both current & former students and scholars who get their sprouting in education from the so-called school (Namoia) to give words of encouragement and reflections to the graduating students and non-graduating ones.

This was the first of its kind as students, parents and guardians are anticipating.

Meanwhile, the school development history will be also featured during the day.

Grade six, form three plus first three (3) female form five students of Namoia School will be the certificate recipients on Thursday.