PM condemns lobbying tactics

PRIME Minister of Solomon Islands Hon Manasseh Sogavare has condemned in the strongest terms the action of the Opposition MP’s and former DCC MP’s who are using scrupulous tactics to lobby for another motion of no-confidence against the DCC Government.

Mr Sogavare was shocked to have learned that members of the Opposition and former DCC MP’s are pushing their determination to lure Government MP’s even during periods of grief and death situations.

The Prime Minister condemned in the strongest terms the actions of Hon. Mathew Wale and Hon. Bodo Dettke on 24 Nov 2015 for lobbying and attempting to bribe Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hon Batholomew Parapolo when Hon. Parapolo, his close family and friends were and are mourning the passing away of Hon Parapolo’s late wife, who passed away on Tuesday 24 Nov.

“It is shocking that Hon. Wale and Bodo were more interested in pursuing political self-interest while Minister Parapolo and family were and are grieving the passing away of Minister Parapolo’s wife, the late Elsie Idute’e”, said Mr Sogavare.

“The least Hon Wale and Bodo could do were to share the grief Minister Parapolo and family are going through than displaying their wallets and showing the ghost lists of purported MPs that have pledged to their ill-conceived intention of bringing a doomed motion of no confidence right in front of the grieving Minister.”

The Prime Minister said the practice of attempting to lobby Government MP’s with bags of money has also extended to the attendance of official and State affairs, both domestically and abroad.”

“Clearly some members of the Opposition Group and former DCC Government MPs are still pursuing political self-interest at the expense of the interest of all Solomon Islanders,” the Prime Minister said.

“Hon Wale wants to be Prime Minister or Finance Minister while Hon. Bodo Detke wants to return to the Ministry of Forestry so that he can issue permits to his own logging company under the pretext of agro-forest permits.”

“Hon. Wale and Hon. Bodo actions and behaviour were cultural and morally insensitive and does not speak well for someone who wants to be PM and Minister of Forest respectively,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said the tactics used leading up the next seating of Parliament in December were “deplorable” and only demonstrated how low the Opposition MP’s will stoop to pursue their on-going plan to overthrow the DCC Government.

However, the Prime Minister said the DCC Government is “rock solid” and will defeat any upcoming motion of no-confidence against DCC Government.

“The DCC Government is going full throttle in ensuring the 2016 Budget reaches Parliament next week with passage of the 2016 Budget expected before Christmas,” he said.

“The time for politicking is over. Solomon Islanders are looking forward to Christmas and the DCC Government is busy getting the nation’s budget through Parliament, yet the Opposition and former defected MPs headed by Hon. Wale and Bodo are desperately pursuing their political self-interest,” the Prime Minister said.

Source: PM’s Press Secretariat