Sogavare regains numerical strength ahead of no-confidence motion

THE Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare today has regained the numbers to defeat an upcoming motion of no-confidence against his leadership to be moved this Friday by the Opposition Group in collaboration with seven (7) Government defectors who resigned last week.

The Leader of the Independent Group in Parliament Hon Manasseh Maelanga and five (5) of his Members joined the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) this morning, giving Prime Minister Hon Sogavare the majority parliamentary support he needs to continue leading the government.

The Independent Group MPs include Hon Namson Tran- MP for West Honiara, Hon Jimmy Lusibaea- MP for North Malaita, Hon David Tome- MP for Baegu-Asifola, Hon Chris Laore-MP for Shortlands and Hon Elijah Doromuala-MP for South Choiseul.

The DCCG numbers dwindled last week following the resignation of seven Ministers including Hon Andrew Manepora- Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey who has yesterday, reaffirmed his allegiance to the government upon his return from an overseas trip.

Hon Maneopra said he was forced to sign a resignation letter prepared for him by those who masterminded the resignation plot before he left the country. The resignation letter was delivered to the Government House last Wednesday.

With Hon Manepora’s reaffirmation of allegiance to the Democratic Coalition for Change Government, he will maintain his ministerial portfolio whilst the MPs who crossed over from the Parliamentary Independent Group will be sworn in this afternoon for Ministerial appointments except for Hon Tran who wants to be a Government Backbencher.

The Ministerial line-up for the new Government MPs is as follows:

  • Hon Manasseh Maelanga- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs;
  • Hon Chris Laore- Minister for Forestry and Research;
  • Hon David Tome- Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening;
  • Hon Elijah Doromuala- Minister for Commerce, Industries, Employment and Immigration; and
  • Hon Jimmy Lusibaea- Minister for Infrastructure Development.

These new appointments will see a reshuffle of continuing DCCG Ministers who are happy to take up other Ministerial portfolios to pave way for those who crossed over to the Government.

Source: PM’s Press Secretariat