DCCG at the brink of collapsing?

THE Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) is at the verge of collapsing after twelve Members of Parliament including eight Ministers allegedly resigned, Tuesday night.

The Political mayhem follows the resignation of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Douglas Ete on Sunday.

As the Political spin off continue to intensify, on Tuesday night twelve more MP’s tendered their resignation leaving the DCCG government at the margin of failing.

The mass resignation came after MP’s stated that it’s difficult for them to continue to serve under the style of leadership demonstrated by Hon. Sogavare.

The former DPM earlier said that he resigned because of the lost of confidence and trust he has on DCCG under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, PM Sogavare told the nation (Solomon Islands) just yesterday that DCCG is rock solid, but with this mass resignation, DCCG is at the threshold of collapsing.

The faction is likely to increase and give strength to the Opposition and Independent sides of 15 to a majority of 27.

The MP’s resignation letters are expected to be delivered to the Government House today (Wednesday).

It is understood as the Political upheaval continues to intensify; a looming motion of no confidence against the current government (DCCG) is anticipated in the coming days to decide who will be the game winner to form the new (next) possible government.