Student tourney kicks-off

THE Ethnic & Cultural Championship League (ECCL) of the University of the South Pacific Solomon Islands (USPSI) Campus in Honiara will come alive again with games kicking-off today at the Multi-purpose hall.

The organized competition is part of the Campus (USPSI) focus to convene students of diverse ethnic background to interact with each other and at the same time give room for students to enjoy their semester (one week) break in outdoor (sporting) activities.

Also it’s an opportunity for students to intermingle with each other, have fun, relax and relief stresses from the past seven weeks of schoolwork.

The games to be featured are Futsal for boys and volleyball for both boys and girls.

Ethnic groups are told to form up to six teams to participate in the event which means two teams for futsal, two for boys volleyball and two for girls volleyball.

The anticipated sporting event is looked forward to by every student.

A student George Kali said that it’s good to engage in outdoor activities like sport to relief the stresses that laden us over the past seven weeks.

“This event I believe is a good initiative to give students the opportunity to cooperate with each other and also a chance for us to relax our brains while waiting for another forthcoming weeks of schooling.

“I am ready and look forward to participate in the activities (games) today,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prize awards for the games are as follows;


1st Prize $1000, 2nd prize $800, 3rd prize $500 and 4th prize $300.

 However, prize awards for both boys and girls volleyball are the same as below;

Volleyball (both boys and girls)

1st prize $700, 2nd prize $500, 3rd prize $300 and 4th prize $150.

Futsal matches will be played at the Multi-purpose hall while volleyball matches will be at the courts net to the Multi-purpose hall.

The ECCL games start today and will end on 11th Friday.