Literacy Network SI commemorates International Literacy Day


ACROSS the globe, International Literacy Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, 8 September.

The theme for the day, which annually raises worldwide literacy awareness, is “Literacy and Sustainable Societies.”

International Literacy Day in Honiara echoes this theme with the slogan, “Literacy for a Stronger Community, Rid an Raet fo Strongem Olketa Komiuniti”. Other provinces will also be holding their own celebrations.

Literacy has long been recognized as a powerful accelerator of sustainable development in areas such as health and agriculture, and World Vision is committed to projects, which support health and livelihoods in communities. These projects greatly benefit the nation’s children.

To celebrate the day, Literacy Association of Solomon Islands, World Vision, Coalition for Education Solomon Islands, Anglican Church of Melanesia, Acts 1:8, READSI, Adventist Development Relief Agency, and Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development have joined forces to stage an International Literacy Day event. The event will start with a parade at 8 a.m. from the Honiara City Council to the Art Gallery Grounds. At the Art Gallery grounds, the public can enjoy the morning’s formal proceedings and then view the many displays and exhibitions set up by the Literacy Network Solomon Islands.

The morning’s programme includes a keynote address from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Franco Rodie; a panel discussion made up of Literacy Network speakers and entertainments.

The special panel for a discussion will include Margi Martin from the Literacy Association, Marie Quinn from the Ministry of Education, Dr Alice Pollard, John Usuramo from the University of the South Pacific, Bukah Misifea from the Solomon Islands National University, and Benjamin Afuga from Forum Solomon Island International.

In Solomon Islands, studies have shown that higher literacy in communities raise the self-esteem of youth and children, which lowers domestic violence and drug use because literate young people are more likely to find life direction and purpose. The Literacy Network Solomon Islands is a unified group of organisations that provide literacy training to communities, so that adults can be an active support to their children’s learning.

This year the Acts1: 8 Project has been delivering intensive literacy training to highly motivated volunteer teachers both in Honiara and in the provinces. The impact of literacy initiatives such as these will certainty gather momentum to propel Solomon Islands forward in terms of development.

World Vision focuses on the well-being of children. Through its programs that improve health, education, economic development services, protection and community-based adaptation to climate change, it also looks at promoting literacy in communities to facilitate these programmes.

“World Vision will continue to work with children, families and their communities to provide life in all its fullness to children of Solomon Islands,” says Janes Imanuel Ginting, World Vision Solomon Islands Country Director. World Vision Solomon Islands currently has literacy projects in Makira and Temotu, which would not be possible without generous donor funding from the Australian NGO Cooperation Programme (Makira) and New Zealand Sustainable Development fund (Temotu).

World Vision Solomon Islands reminds leaders and decision makers, that children’s rights to education should be a priority within the post 2015 development framework, and would like to encourage Solomon Islands Government to increase their support for children because healthy, cared for, and educated children become productive adults and contribute to healthy, peaceful and productive societies.

We call on communities to support literacy initiatives for adults and children that are providing much needed literacy in rural communities, but also in wider urban areas affected by lack of schooling.

Source: World Vision Solomon Islands