OPMC insensitive of peoples concerns: Opposition

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has described the response from the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) as inadequate and disappointing.

The Parliamentary Opposition in a statement today says the OPMC response to the call for the Prime Minister to convene Parliament shows a Government that is irresponsible to the concerns of the people.

“In case the Prime Minister forgets, he promised to clear all these issues in Parliament so he needs call Parliament as he is holding this nation in ransom. The Prime Minister owes a lot of explanation to the people who are left frustrated by him being silent on issues raised by the Opposition and the people. So now is the appropriate time,” the statement said.

The OPMC statement says that the Prime Minister will call a meeting at the time that is convenient to the DCCG.

In reaction to this, the Opposition Group says that this strongly suggests that if the PM had his way, there would be no Parliament meeting at all.

 “To advise Opposition MPs and officials to information and answers on matters of public concern through relevant offices is a lame excuse by the OPMC,” it said.

 “The Prime Minister as head of his Government is solely responsible to provide the people with answers because the issues concerned stemmed out of questionable decisions made by himself and his Cabinet.”

The Opposition statement adds whilst they acknowledged the OPMC statement that the Government and Opposition must work together to progress developments in the country; it said the Government also failed to realize that their statement points back to them as they have created chaos for themselves by serving their interests first whilst continuing to give false hope and promises to the people.

Source: Office of the leader of Opposition press.